What is CBD

Since 2011, CBD, also called Cannabidiol, has been generating a rapidly growing market. Since the amendment on the law of narcotics, it is now legal to buy and consume CBD, a substance from cannabis. It is found in many forms: cosmetics, health products, e-liquids, and even food. What is the reason for this sudden bloom from CBD?

 What is the CBD?

An abbreviation of the term cannabidiol, CBD is one of many cannabinoids found in cannabis, in addition to the very famous cannabinoid, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Unlike THC, CBD has no psychoactive effect on our body. It is almost impossible to differentiate between THC and CBD with your own eyes.This substance is directly extracted from cannabis and has recognized properties. The discovery of CBD is older than one might think. In 1940, Roger Adams, an American chemist recognized for his work on the composition of natural substances, including plants, was able to isolate this molecule. 

What happens in our body when we ingest CBD?

In our body we have a molecular pathway called the endocannabinoids system. They are receptors that are found throughout our body: brain, organs, tissues, etc. It is a present system that is found in all mammals and regulates vital functions such as pain, appetite, sleep or stress.When we ingest CBD, it interacts with the endocannabinoids present in our body and have different effects depending on the receptors with which they bind. But you should know that cannabinoids do not act alone, they work together with the terpenes.

CBD and its benefits

When we mention the word cannabis, we first think of drugs, joints, psychoactive and illicit substances. However, for several years, the light has moved to shine on another aspect of the plant.Still, few people are properly informed about it. Indeed, the fact of classifying cannabis as a drug is creating a fear of this plant by most of the population. Unfortunately, many still do not know about his medical properties. Several hundred molecules are found in cannabis, and many have non psycho-active effects contrary to THC. This is the case of CBD, which is a powerful anti-inflammatory, can intensely reduce pain, reduce the reproduction of certain cancer cells, regulate blood sugar levels. Also in some cases of severe epilepsy, CBD makes it possible to reduce the frequency of seizures. Promising drugs are already appearing on the market such as Epidyolex.

Other studies highlight the anxiolytic properties of CBD. Even at low doses, it seems to reduce stress and anxiety. Two significant effects for many psychic pathologies. The list of all its benefits can go on and on, but these are the most interesting from a medical point of view. 

In Switzerland, for a few reasons, although curiosity remains the main source that pushes people to test the CBD at 46%. 21% of people seek a specific effect on their well-being. 17% use it to treat a disease such as epilepsy, crohn’s disease or various traumatic effects with direct effects on the body (spasms). For 47-year-old Sonia, it's the search for a more natural solution to end shoulder stiffness that has led her to walk through the door of a specialist shop in Lausanne. "I had heard about the benefits of CBD for pain. So I tried it, on the advice of the seller, the application of an oil, I quickly felt an improvement. In a few days, I even reduced three of my traditional painkillers, "she explains while remaining pragmatic:" I still consulted an osteopath, so it probably helped too ... " The self-control of consumption for the patient is an advantage, you can give up powerful drugs for a 100% natural solution.

Even if CBD is therapeutic, it is always best to consult a doctor before taking using it as a medical treatment. CBD presents no danger in while taken alone, it could be the other strong medication taken with it!While studies support the view that CBD could bring health benefits, the medical use of CBD is currently rejected by the WHO because of the lack of scientific evidence. Although many studies are unfolding, it is the lack of evidence on long-term effects that are missing. This is not a sufficient argument to refuse to accept CBD, in any case, like many drugs, CBD remains a 100% natural plant without toxins or chemical components. What harm could it really do? 

Vaping CBD

Now that electronic cigarette exists, it is possible to consume CBD by "vaping". It is recommended to consume e-liquid containing CBD with suitable equipment to not lose all the medical properties from the molecule. In general, pods are perfect for this purpose because you have to use a low resistance with a power not exceeding 15 watts.As for the intensity of your puff, know that the CBD takes a while to circulate through your body. It is then better to proceed by short sessions of about fifteen minutes and wait a few minutes for the CBD to become effective. 

CBD e-liquid is usually sold in bottles / small bottles or capsules and allows the consumption of cannabidiol through an electronic vaporizer. In addition to CBD, e-liquids are composed of terpenes, propylene glycol, vegetable glycerine, (100% natural) and possibly aromas. It is possible to add nicotine in an e-liquid according to your desires. But remember that with the addition of nicotine, your body is then exposed to the dangers of toxins and addiction, which are not present when using CBD alone. When buying a liquid, you must determine the dosage of CBD present in your product: from 3% to 10%/ ml according to your needs. 

In conclusion, CBD is still little very new and is not enough recognized compared to the amount of benefits it has. It remains safe to always learn about your product before any type consumption. Thanks to studies and early results, CBD is on track to become a new natural equivalent and more effective than many other drugs on the markets.