Our Effects

We are all unique and each emotion is experienced differently. Therefore, we give you a variety of terpene blends that fit what you are looking for and #freeyourself.

 This formula contains a blend of terpenes known to act as a stimulant. A calming energy as if they were alert and focused but without the anxiety one would feel from coffee or energy drinks. Focus comes with a vanilla mint flavoring.

Happy: This blend of terpenes is known to maybe help you when you are feeling down on a bad day. Smile and blow it off while you taste some rainbow sherbet.

Hungry: Loss of appetite can be a horrific change to someone physically and mentally. Gaining that little bit of hunger to grab your favorite meal can change your day. A touch of greek yoghurt is added.

Relief: Pain is often linked to some form of inflammation. Acute and chronic symptoms can be effectively managed with the right combination of anti-inflammatory terpenes and peppermint.

Sex: Sexual anxiety can be a bump in the road for you and your significant other if you are looking to try new things. Relax and have fun in a stress-free environment with a vienna cream flavor.

Sleep: This formula contains a blend of terpenes known to act as sedatives. Its blend provides a very soothing experience that is effective in relieving stress and anxiety and serves well in fighting insomnia. Coconut milk is our chosen added flavoring.