Easy Cannabutter Recipe You Can Make At Home

This recipe will show you how to make easy cannabis butter (or cannabutter) at home. For the butter, we recommend you use unsalted butter to get better overall purity, and for the flowers, Cannav Flowers will ensure your cannabis is 100% organic, vegan, cruelty-free and safe to ingest. Cannabis butter is the most versatile way to make at-home cannabis edibles with a wide variety of recipes. Keep in mind, edible dosage is very difficult to calculate, so we advise you to be very mindful and start slow if you’re experimenting with cannabis recipes for the first time. 

The first step of the recipe is decarboxylating your weed. It means heating up your flowers so that they can release the desired cannabinoids, THC and CBD, which are not naturally occurring in the flower in high volumes (like THCA and CBDA), but must be extracted through this process. (You can check out a more in-depth explanation of decarboxylation over at Leafly.)

To do this, simply heat up your oven to 240° and bake your dried cannabis flowers for 40 minutes. After you’ve baked your dried flowers, make sure they are very finely grinded (you can do this with a manual weed grinder), and then proceed to mix them with the butter.

Grab a pot and completely melt the butter over low heat, add the dried flowers, and allow them to mix and melt together for about 4 hours. You can use a slow cooker or a crock pot if you have one, but a pot on low temperature works just fine.

During this cooking process, the water and milk solids present in the butter will evaporate, leaving a pure cannabis-infused butter, according to the American Journal for Translational Research.

Note: It’s very important to watch the temperature throughout the process. Using a thermometer is advised, so your butter never reaches a temperature higher than 240°. If it does, you’re at risk of eliminating the cannabinoids and terpenes present in the cannabis.

If you ever want to get fancy with this your cannabis-butter making, there are automatic infusers you can buy. Pricy, but super convenient if you plan to do this very often or a great investment to start your small edible business.

Cannabis butter or cannabutter is perfect to make happy brownies, edible chocolate chip cookies, and virtually anything you can think of. Don’t forget to share your creations with us over on Instagram!

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